CarolBrass CTR-9990H4V-RLM(D) Quarter-Tone Trumpet

CarolBrass CTR-9990H4V-RLM(D) Quarter-Tone Trumpet


Red brass 4 valve quarter-tone trumpet

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CarolBrass CTR-9990H4V-RLM(D) Quarter-Tone Trumpet

The first CarolBrass CTR-9990H4V-RLM(D) Quarter-Tone Trumpet was made for our customer who asked for a quarter-tone trumpet with the mellowest possible sound. To achieve this the entire trumpet, apart from the valve block, is made from red brass. The use of the 5.25″ RLM(D) bell gives a broad, open sound with the potential to brighten up depending on player input and mouthpiece choice. The fourth valve which lowers the pitch by a quarter tone is designed to be operated by the left index finger but is surprisingly easy and comfortable to use with the little finger of the right hand.

Model:CTR-9990H4V-RLM(D) Quarter-Tone
Key: Bb (& 25% lower)
Bore: ML 0.460″
Bell: Red brass, Large throat (72-style), Medium thickness, 5.25″/135mm Diameter
Leadpipe: Red brass, large, standard construction
Slides: Red brass
1st valve slide fixed finger ring
3rd valve slide fixed finger ring with traditional (Bach-style) stopper
Valve caps & buttons: Super heavy

Outfit includes:

Double backpack case
Mouthpiece Options: 7C, 3C, 5C, 1.5C, 1C
Cleaning cloth
La Tromba T2 valve oil
Ultra Pure slide grease

Customer Comment:

This thing is absolutely superb; it looks lovely and feels pretty balanced and it has a nice smooth tone which is exactly what I was looking for; not as mellow as the cornet but also not quite as bright as a standard yellow brass trumpet either. Of course, I will now need to start relearning some scales to bring in the quarter tones but that shouldn’t be too bad or take too long (I hope!) The 3C mouthpiece is a reasonable starting point, although it likes a bit more air than the cornet I’m used to, so I might be coming back for another mouthpiece or two in due course. Also, isn’t the case good?! Plenty of room for two so I might even fit the cornet in there too!

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