CarolBrass CTR-5200L-YST-Bb-S

CarolBrass CTR-5200L-YST Bb Trumpet


A light-weight trumpet with a bright sound and exceptionally easy high range. Popular with lead players.

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Extra set of super-heavy valve caps and finger buttons in addition to those already supplied
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CarolBrass CTR-5200L-YST Bb Trumpet

The CarolBrass CTR-5200L-YST Bb Trumpet features a reversed construction yellow brass leadpipe with thin yellow brass bell. The use of nickel silver slides adds an extra bit of “zing” to the sound. This is a popular trumpet with “lead” players with its bright sound and very easy playing high range. All 5xxx trumpets are supplied with two main tuning slides – one square (traditional feel) and one rounded (for less resistance).

Model: CTR-5200L-YST
Key: Bb
Bore: ML 0.460″
Bell: Yellow brass, Standard 5.000″, Thin
Leadpipe: Reversed construction, yellow brass
Slides: Nickel silver outer/Yellow brass inner

Outfit includes:

Backpack case
Mouthpiece Options: 7C, 3C, 5C, 1.5C, 1C
2 tuning slides – square and rounded
Cleaning cloth
Super-thin valve buttons
La Tromba T2 valve oil
Ultra Pure slide grease

This product has a delivery time of approximately 12 – 16 weeks. Please see our Terms of Trading for more information.

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