CarolBrass Baro Model Trumpet


Alexis Baro Model – CTR-5280L-GLT(D)-Bb Euro Bell

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CarolBrass Baro Model Trumpet – Original Specification

The CarolBrass Baro Model Trumpet (CTR-5280L-GLT(D)-Bb Euro Bell) is an artist model produced for Cuban/Canadian trumpeter Alexis Baro. Based on the original Euro Bell design (CTR-5280L-GLT(D)-Bb-L) it features CarolBrass’ curved “Euro Bell” design which offers excellent projection.

Medium-large bore with large throat, light weight, gold brass bell and twin tube leadpipe, the Baro model has a heavy mouthpiece receiver and heavy top and bottom valve caps. The bell is finished in black nickel and the body is raw brass. All 5xxx trumpets are supplied with two main tuning slides – one square (traditional feel) and one rounded (for less resistance).

The original finish as pictured is no longer available, this trumpet may now be ordered in satin lacquer or Balckhawk only.

The Carol Brass EuroBell “Baro Model” is, if not the best, one of the most complete horns I’ve played , the original EuroBell model its a great horn at every level , from the design to the technical specs… with a few modifications, we took the original to another sound dimension and level , with the “Baro Model “ we have achieved a wider tonal range , perfect for players that navigate in a variety of musical environments from Pop to Jazz to Latin … this horn has the capability of opening up with a bright tone in the higher register as well as to mellow down in the middle and opening to a wide bottom range… as a multi style player, the response of the instrument and the tone quality in every musical environment I play is the most important aspect I look for in a Horn… I believe the Carol Brass EuroBell “Baro Model” has everything a professional can ask for in a Trumpet, from style to sound to response , allowing the player to develop itself from within…!! – Alexis Baro

Model: CTR-5280L-GLT(D) Baro
Key: Bb
Finish: Satin Lacquer or Black Hawk
Bore: ML 0.460″
Bell: Gold brass, Large throat, Thin 5.25″ Diameter curved “Euro Bell” design
Leadpipe: Twin tube – gold brass inner, nickel silver outer, reversed construction
Mouthpiece receiver: Heavy
Slides: Inner yellow brass/Outer nickel silver 1st tuning slide fixed finger ring 3rd tuning slide fixed finger ring with stopper screw
Waterkeys: Saturn

Outfit includes:

Woodshell case
CarolBrass mouthpiece – Options: 7C, 3C, 5C, 1.5C, 1C
Cleaning cloth
La Tromba T2 valve oil
Ultra Pure slide grease
2 tuning slides

This product has a delivery time of approximately 12 – 16 weeks. Please see our Terms of Trading for more information.

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