Pocket Trumpets

CarolBrass produce what is probably the most extensive range of pocket trumpets available. The CPT-1000-YSS mini pocket trumpets in Bb and C are the smallest playable trumpets in production and work amazingly well, particularly considering their small size. Ideal for travelling.
The other pockets all have a full size bell (large #72-style throat) and can be ordered with a 5.25″ rim for an even fuller sound. Add a set of heavy caps and you might even forget you’re not playing a full size trumpet!
If you want to stand out from the crowd check out the Dizzy bell CPT-7000-GLS and new large bore CPT-3002-RLM(D)-Bb-SLB Sandoval model.
As with all trumpets at Carol Custom Brass you can choose your preferred style of water key and finish and in most cases your mouthpiece too.

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