CarolBrass Cornets are notable for being easy to play and their excellent intonation. From the CTR-3880-GSS upwards the valve caps are individually weighted for optimum response. With these cornets there is no more worry about playing above the stave, even with a deep mouthpiece the high range is unbelievably easy (not magic but close)!

We have found the whole cornet range to be very responsive to mouthpiece choice – for wind/concert band and orchestral playing a trumpet style mouthpiece produces a sound that can compete with a mixed section of trumpets and cornets; a traditional deep cornet mouthpiece will produce a tone suitable for brass band and solo playing without compromising range.

All CarolBrass Cornets are available in a variety of finishes, with a choice of different water keys (lever, Amado or Saturn), and can be made in a true mirror image for left handed players. Models with the GSS bell can be ordered as long bell (American-style) cornets at no extra cost.

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