CarolBrass Mouthpieces

Please see the full list of CarolBrass mouthpieces below.
All Pocket Trumpets take a standard trumpet mouthpiece.
Piccolo trumpets are provided with leadpipes for both trumpet and cornet shanks and one trumpet shank and one cornet shank mouthpiece.
Flugel Horns are provided with two shanks, one large shank and one standard.

Trumpet7CBright sound, easy to play
Trumpet5CSlightly larger than 7C
Trumpet3CMedium sized, comfortable for most players
Trumpet1.5CLarge cup, full and sweet sound
Trumpet1CLarger than 1.5C
TrumpetF1Bright with easy high range – designed for lead players
Piccolo Trumpet11AXDesigned for piccolo trumpet (trumpet shank)
Cornet7CBright sound, easy to play
CornetClassicWarm sweet sound – ideal for brass band
CornetClassic SShort shank for European markets
Soprano Cornet/Piccolo Trumpet11AXDesigned for piccolo trumpet (cornet shank)
Flugelhorn/Trumpet3C (L)Large (trumpet size) shank for European market
Flugelhorn3C (S)Small shank for US market
Trombone (small shank)12CRelatively small, good for beginners
Trombone (small shank)6 1/2 ALEasy to play, good high range
Trombone (large shank)6 1/2 ALEasy to play, good high range
Trombone (large shank)5GPopular with orchestral 1st players
Trombone (large shank)4GPopular with orchestral players
Trombone (large shank)3GLarger than 4G, good for low range
Trombone (large shank)2GGood for bass trombone or low tenor parts
Trombone (large shank)1.5GLargest cup, good for bass trombone